NC IDEA’s Ecosystem Partner Grant program funds organizations across the state that execute creative programs to support entrepreneurs and strengthen North Carolina as a national exemplar for entrepreneurship.

Launched in 2016, NC IDEA’s Ecosystem Partner Grant program awarded over $1.25 million to its inaugural cohort of 10 partners across the state of North Carolina.


About the Ecosystem Partner Grant

We believe that our mission of maximizing the economic potential of North Carolina is best achieved by working with partners around the state to:

  • Foster a diverse, generative and collaborative Community
  • Identify and impact promising Companies
  • Facilitate the formation and multiplication of Capital
  • Nurture and attract world-class Talent
  • Optimize internal (statewide) and external (U.S.) Connectivity

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Ecosystem Partner Grant Eligibility

NC IDEA is looking to support innovative and transformational ideas that can strengthen North Carolina’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Both nonprofit and for profit organizations within North Carolina are eligible for this program.

The following entities are not eligible to be awarded an Ecosystem Partner Grant:

  • Endowments, capital campaigns or other fundraising events
  • Lobbying organizations, political parties or labor organizations
  • Fraternal groups
  • Individuals

During an active solicitation, applicants may request any amount of funding up to but not exceeding $250,000. Scheduled payments should align with specific activities, and funding may be allocated up to but not exceeding 36 months from grant award.

NC IDEA is not soliciting additional partners at this time.