We believe that our mission of maximizing the economic potential of North Carolina is best achieved by working with partners around the state to:

  • Foster a diverse, generative and collaborative Community
  • Identify and impact promising Companies
  • Facilitate the formation and multiplication of Capital
  • Nurture and attract world-class Talent
  • Optimize internal (statewide) and external (U.S.) Connectivity

In 2016, NC IDEA solicited proposals from organizations throughout the state that share our ambition to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem of North Carolina. Grant requests could be up to $250,000 of total funding, over one year, or spread over three years. NC IDEA received a total of 50 proposals, ultimately funding eleven totaling $1.35 million in total funding. Meet our NC IDEA ECOSYSTEM Partners and learn more about the organizations and activities we are funding.

There is currently no outside solicitation for proposals.

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