NC IDEA has an ambitious goal; to educate 100,000 North Carolinians with an entrepreneurial mindset.

One way we will achieve this is through the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program (IHEP); a program designed to develop creativity and critical thinking, effective problem solving, teamwork and other entrepreneurial skills that will enable individuals to succeed regardless of their chosen path.

Our purpose is not that program participants start a new company, though they may be inspired to do so. Our purpose is to bring the power of entrepreneurial thinking to everyone. Entrepreneurial thinkers solve complex social, political and economic problems; improve existing products; invent new products; advance our understanding of the world and improve the overall quality of our lives.

If you are interested in attending an Ice House Program, you can find one here.

We cannot achieve this goal alone and will require partners to join us in offering this program to their constituents. We are actively seeking organizations to help us deliver IHEP. Our upcoming Facilitator Training is being held at Barton College in Wilson, NC from August 6-8, 2019. Apply by July 1st to be considered.

We believe that entrepreneurial thinking can change North Carolina.

Our Ambition

Learn why NC IDEA is supporting entrepreneurial mindset education and the details of how we will do it.

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Become an Ice House Partner

NC IDEA will require more than 100 organizations to facilitate Ice House training across NC. Join us.

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Find an Ice House Program

NC IDEA supported Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs are available throughout the state. Find one near you.

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