Whether you are planning to apply to NC IDEA MICRO or just exploring your options, the below resources can help better inform you of the opportunity and assist in determining if it is a good fit for your company.


Upcoming Opportunities

  • The Fall 2019 MICRO application is now open. APPLY NOW through September 9th at 5:00pm EST.
  • See other important dates for the Fall 2019 NC IDEA MICRO Grant Cycle

See below for a comparison of eligibility criteria between NC IDEA MICRO and NC IDEA SEED**Note: You may only apply to either MICRO or SEED (not both) during a grant cycle.**


Online Resources

  • Review the NC IDEA MICRO program details
  • See who is eligible to apply for NC IDEA MICRO
  • Attend a Fall 2019 Info Session
  • Schedule Fall 2019 Virtual Office Hours
  • View our Fall 2019 Informational Slide Deck for detailed information on the NC IDEA MICRO grant opportunity
  • Download the Fall 2019 application questions to get a preview and work offline
  • Meet our previous NC IDEA MICRO Grant Recipients to learn more about the companies that have received past grants
  • Watch Case Studies and hear directly from the companies that have worked with NC IDEA


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