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Meet Our Founders: Kristen Hicks

Kristen Hicks

Copy and Post – MICRO Spring 2024

Published July 10, 2024

As part of our ‘Meet Our Founders’ series today, we introduce Kristen Hicks, CEO of Copy and Post based in Swannanoa, NC. Copy and Post is your all-in-one real estate marketing solution. Personalized content, easy scheduling, and complete customization. Simplifying marketing for REALTORS with ready-to-use templates.

Q: What problem are you trying to solve and what influenced you to start your company?

A: As a REALTOR® myself, I noticed a common challenge among my colleagues in the industry – the struggle to consistently create engaging and personalized social media content. Many real estate professionals either didn’t have the time to create content or found it challenging to come up with new ideas regularly. This inspired me to start Copy and Post, a social media marketing platform specifically designed for REALTORS®. I wanted to provide a solution that would simplify the marketing process, save time, and help real estate professionals showcase their properties and expertise effectively on social media.

Q: What does the road ahead look like for your company?

A: The road ahead for Copy and Post is filled with exciting opportunities to automate and streamline the real estate marketing process. We are constantly listening to our customers, learning from their feedback, and adapting to their needs. Our goal is to continue innovating our platform to make it even more valuable and user-friendly for REALTORS®. Additionally, we are committed to giving back to the communities we serve, ensuring that our success contributes to the greater good.

Q: What is one thing you wish you understood about entrepreneurship before you ever got started?

A: One thing I wish I understood about entrepreneurship before I got started is the importance of resilience and adaptability. Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with ups and downs, and it’s crucial to be able to pivot and adjust your strategies when faced with challenges. It’s also important to understand that failure is a natural part of the process and can lead to valuable learning experiences. Developing a mindset that embraces change and views setbacks as opportunities for growth is essential for success in entrepreneurship.

Q: What other passions do you have besides your business?

A: Besides my business, my biggest passion is my faith and leaving a legacy that my family can be proud of. I’m a devoted wife and mom of four, so much of my time outside of work is spent volunteering as a cheer, basketball, and soccer mom, being involved in PTOs for our schools, and cherishing quality time spent together as a family. These aspects of my life bring me immense joy and fulfillment.


While visiting Swannanoa, Kristen recommends:

  • Explore the Blue Ridge Parkway for breathtaking views and outdoor adventures. Don’t miss Black Mountain for shopping, locally sourced food and a vibrant community experience.


Support Copy and Post and Kristen by:

  • Support Copy and Post by spreading the word about our platform within the real estate community, sharing your positive experiences on social media, and providing valuable feedback to help us improve. Your support means the world to us! Plus, a portion of every subscription goes back to our communities. Thank you for making a difference.