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Meet Our Founders: Quentin DeBerry

Quentin DeBerry

BLKResumes – MICRO Spring 2022

Published June 8, 2022

As part of our ‘Meet Our Founders’ series today, we introduce Quentin DeBerry, Founder of BLKResumes based in Charlotte, NC. BLKResumes is an all-in-one underserved talent management platform (UTMP) that uses today’s most effective sourcing strategies to reach the full scope of underserved talent.

Q: What problem are you trying to solve and what influenced you to start your company?

A: Let’s face it – diversity hiring is challenging. Despite the verified advantages of creating a diverse workforce, most organizations stumble to meet their diversity and inclusion objectives. BLKResumes was born out of my career journey and navigating the complex job search process as a Black candidate, Hiring Manager, and Recruiter. We guide organizations on hiring and sourcing Black + Brown talent for professional growth and career equity.

Q: What is the one thing you wish you understood about entrepreneurship before you ever got started?

A: Never listen to the naysayers.

Q: Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

A: God, Lillie & Steve Sellers, Gaines, WSSU and H3 Community

While visiting Charlotte, Quentin recommends:

  • Breakfast at Community Cafe and Lunch or Dinner at Ace of Spuds Food Truck

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