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Meet Our Founders: Shannon Baylor-Henderson

Shannon Baylor-Henderson


Published December 9, 2021 As part of our ‘Meet Our Founders’ series today, we introduce Shannon Baylor-Henderson, founder of Content Commanders based in Elizabeth City, NC. Content Commanders is a storytelling & strategy company specializing in adding more power, personality & perspective to your digital, print & social messages. Shannon also serves as an executive member of NC IDEA’s Black Entrepreneurial Council.   Q: Shannon, when did you know you wanted to take an entrepreneurial path?

A: I started my first attempt at entrepreneurship at around 9 years old with my custom greeting card company. I had an idea and a skill that I wanted to share. When I actually made money from it, I knew that this was a viable path to continue. So, it’s easy to say I knew at a young age that I wanted to run a business.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

A: When it comes to starting my own company, I enjoy exploring new/complex ideas and cheering on my team when we knock out a project. Sometimes, these two things collide (which doubles the fun!)

Q: How will your NC IDEA grant funds advance your company?

A: I’ve wanted to build software/launch an app for YEARS. I didn’t know how to and, until recently, I didn’t have much guidance within my circle of influence. The timing (and years of preparation and practice) is perfect. I have the right connections. Now, with the support of NC IDEA, I have allocated funds toward the idea that I KNOW will benefit so many people. I can couple NC IDEA’s investment into my idea with their guidance + network PLUS my own supportive community to FINALLY get this thing off the ground. It feels AMAZING!

  While visiting Elizabeth City, Shannon recommends:
  • Taking a walk or bike ride on the Dismal Swamp trail
  • Friday Night Lights at Northeastern High School
  • Catching a pickup game at the Enfield Ball Park
  • Visiting during 1st Friday Art Walk
  • Eating West Indian Food at Island Breeze or Southern Cuisine at Hoppin’ Johnz
  • Visiting the 2 Souls wine bar
  Support Shannon and Content Commanders by:
  • Scheduling a Content Enthusiast session for a 1:1 exploration into the power of good content and how it can help brands.
  • Asking about the development of their app and how she envisions it to do for words what the calculator did for math.