At the risk of stating the obvious, one thing this election season demonstrated is that campaigns dominated by attacks and counter claims leave precious little room to discuss issues, policies, and priorities. In my 50 years on earth, I can’t remember an election season more bereft of policy talk.

In full disclosure, I am never satisfied with the level of genuine attention paid to advancing entrepreneurial opportunity. Too many campaigns speak in superficial terms about entrepreneurship, usually defined as some caricature of Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. This is unfortunate and it misses an opportunity to better understand the wide variety of entrepreneurs that are a large force in our economy.

So we at NC IDEA want to ask you to fill out one more poll and let us know what you think we can do to advance entrepreneurship. Hopefully, this is a topic that can unite us around a stronger economy.

November 10, 2016
Written by NC IDEA President & CEO, Thom Ruhe