Welcome to our first Fall 2018 Cohort of NC IDEA LABS. Learn more about these ambitious startups below.

Aden MediaLabs

Aden MediaLabs is a cable TV service serving young adults with curated, high-quality channels focused on a low-cost, lean-back viewing experience and providing content programmers a sustainable, data-driven business model.

Built Story

Built Story is a digital storytelling platform dedicated to the built environment. Users will learn about and contribute to the collective knowledge of the residential and commercial structures around them, particularly through electronic guided tours.

Carica Labs

Carica Labs provides a SaaS platform enabling one-click disaster recovery for Amazon Web Services.

Conscious Strong

Conscious Strong™, a wellness platform that engages users through web and mobile wellness tools that will help balance the brain, body and life. The Conscious Strong™ trifecta of wellness approach is a unique method that will become a training program for other teachers and coaches in the space of mental health and veteran support.  Learn more at www.consciousstrong.com.

Everywhere Ad

Everywhere Ad is a marketing and advertising company that helps businesses build their brand by using consumer vehicles as an advertising channel while also helping consumers get paid to drive around as brand ambassadors.


ExLattice offers innovative engineering software solutions for metal additive manufacturing/3D printing that improves the process productivity and reliability.


Fayvor is a new paradigm in companion care targeting the aging population and their families, people experiencing acute illness or disease, and families adjusting to a ‘new normal.’ It is a symbiotic marketplace creating meaningful relationships between 1099 stay-at-home parents, retirees and clients who need extra help at home. Learn more at fayvor.io.


Valore provides relief to caregivers and quality of life to the elderly, sick and disabled by bringing needed beauty and wellness services on location, on demand. Learn more at www.valorecare.com.


Wirl is a digital platform that makes personal stylists accessible and affordable to the mass market, giving everyone an opportunity to feel great about how they dress. Wirl allows shoppers to choose stylists based on online bio’s, reviews, and price, and to choose the time and place that works best for them. Learn more at www.wirlMe.com.


Published September 19, 2018