This week, the North Carolina Network of Grantmakers held their annual meeting in Winston-Salem. Hundreds of folks representing family foundations, public charities, donor-advised funds, and private foundations met to discuss common interests, best practices, and emerging issues.

Meeting so many highly competent people committing to their professional development by attending such a conference was energizing. Many of the sessions I joined focused on impact, collaboration, innovative thinking in grant making and mission-related investing.

Having worked for a decade as both grantee and grantor, it feels as if the industry is genuinely embracing an entrepreneurial mindset in all facets of the work – to include strategic partnerships with organizations with Thom Ruhe, President & CEO complimentary foci. Whereas there was palpable tension around the political uncertainties of HB2 and the Johnson Amendment, it felt as if there was a practical acceptance amongst many that such uncertainty may be the new normal. Learning to adapt will likely lead to innovative solutions or bolder actions around gaps being created in this political climate. One thing is certain, North Carolina is fortunate to have so many bright and dedicated people committed to a variety of causes. Collectively, their work is making the state better for the constituencies they serve.

February 23, 2017
Written by NC IDEA President and CEO, Thom Ruhe