Durham, NC – June 8, 2009 – NC IDEA awarded $200,000 in grants to five early-stage companies in North Carolina in the spring cycle of its bi-annual grant program.

The following companies are the Spring 2009 grant recipients:

Epiphany Mobile Solutions – transforms patient information from paper EMS forms into electronic data using digital ink pens and BlackBerry® devices. The software solution eliminates the need for keyboard entry, automates error checking, shortens billing cycles, reduces payer rejections and greatly improves cashflow. www.epiphanymobile.com

The Green Cooling Group – provides a revolutionary green technology to cool water and other fluids over 120 times more efficiently than anything else on the market. They are initially targeting drinking fountains and water coolers which can use more energy per year than a large refrigerator – theirs uses less than a toaster.  www.greencoolinggroup.com

LearnVC – provides a web-based application for entrepreneurs and investors to model investments into startups. Free educational material is provided on LearnVC.com with an invite-only beta program for the full modeling software. www.learnvc.com

StatSheet – provides a web platform for presenting and visualizing sports stats. StatSheet’s goal is to raise the bar for what sports fans can expect on the web by being the first company to create innovative web apps around sports stats. statsheet.com http://statsheet.com

Tec-Cel – is commercializing next-generation lithium-ion batteries that have a theoretical storage capacity of greater than 10 fold capacity increase over current graphite anodes. Tec-Cel will use its Li-ion battery nanofiber technology to build standard battery cell building blocks that will be used in battery packs for laptop computers, hybrid electric vehicles, wireless smartphones, power tools and other consumer electronics. www.tec-cel.com