"We went into NC IDEA LABS with a prototype and quickly grew into a
business with significant traction. The coaching, network and support
have been essential in our company's success."
Chris Lorkowski, Founder, BruVue

NC IDEA LABS, formerly known as Groundwork Labs, is an intensive 4-week program targeted at ambitious entrepreneurs with a unique idea in a large or growing market. The program’s structure is designed to help entrepreneurs perform effective customer discovery, validate assumptions, make decisions faster and take proper steps to move their company forward.

NC IDEA LABS focuses on participants engaging directly with the market. By doing so, participants can assess customer pains and develop strategies for product/market fit. Subsequent mentorship, programming and resources will be offered to those who demonstrate coachability and make meaningful progress while in the program.

Since our founding in 2012, NC IDEA LABS has established itself as the premier program of its kind in North Carolina. More than 150 companies and 250 founders have participated.

Program Details

Teams come into NC IDEA LABS at different stages with different needs. NC IDEA LABS is not a curriculum, but a structure that helps each team quickly assess demand, understand customer pain and iterate on their concept.

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Eligibility Criteria

NC IDEA LABS is most impactful somewhere between the time you have your idea and the time you have a minimum viable product.

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Learn more about NC IDEA LABS and whether the opportunity is a good fit for you.

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