NC IDEA MICRO awards funding in the amount of $1K to $10K to young companies looking to validate and advance their idea. Grant recipients work with NC IDEA to implement a timeline with impactful use of funds and meaningful milestones. Grant funds are received at the beginning of the grant period and grant recipients report on their progress typically after 3 months. In addition to funding, grant recipients also receive support from NC IDEA through mentorship, introductions and programming.


Application Process

NC IDEA solicits MICRO grant applications twice per year, usually in mid-February and mid-August. We received 208 applications during our inaugural cycle in Summer 2018. Applications are reviewed by the NC IDEA team, investors and other partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Companies are notified of their status and receive specific feedback on their application. From each applicant pool, approximately 20-30 companies are selected to progress to the finalist phase. Finalists are invited to participate in an in-person interview. Ultimately, 10-15 companies are selected and awarded an NC IDEA MICRO grant. The below timeline includes important dates and deadlines for our current Spring 2019 Grant Cycle.

**Note: You may only apply to either MICRO or SEED (not both) during a grant cycle.**


Upcoming Dates & Deadlines


January 8 – CHARLOTTE Spring 2019 Info Session

January 10 – ASHEVILLE Spring 2019 Info Session

January 15 – GREENVILLE Spring 2019 Info Session

January 16 – RESEARCH TRIANGLE Spring 2019 Info Session

January 16 – WILMINGTON Spring 2019 Info Session

January 23 – WINSTON-SALEM Spring 2019 Info Session

February 4 – Spring 2019 Info Session via WEBINAR – Listen Now

February 11 – NC IDEA MICRO Grant Application Opens

March 4 – NC IDEA MICRO Grant Application Deadline
*All applications must be submitted and received by 5:00pm EST – No Exceptions*

March 29 – NC IDEA MICRO Grant Finalists Selected and Notified

April 3 – 16 – NC IDEA MICRO Grant Finalist Interviews

April 22 – NC IDEA MICRO Grant Recipients Selected and Notified


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