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Meet Our Founders: James Tuck

James Tuck

DNAli – SEED Fall 2023

Published May 8, 2024

As part of our ‘Meet Our Founders’ series today, we introduce James Tuck, Co-Founder of DNAli based in Cary, NC. DNAli is creating DNA synthesis technologies specifically for chemically modified DNAs that can be used in a wide range of biotech and health applications.

Q: What problem are you trying to solve and what influenced you to start your company?

A: There’s an important and emerging confluence of computing and biology that has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives. Key barriers to reaching the full potential are the fundamental DNA technologies for reading and writing DNA. DNAli is working to solve some of the barriers in synthesis to make the technology available for anyone to build upon.

Q: What other passions do you have besides your business?

A: I enjoy spending time with my family and biking the greenways of Raleigh.


While visiting Cary and the Raleigh area, James recommends:

  • One of my favorite spots in Raleigh is the North Carolina Museum of Art, especially their outdoor walking trails. It’s great both for exercise and for enjoyment of the various installations on the path.

Support DNAli and James by:

  • If you know of other companies or individuals working in this area, we’d love to get connected.