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Meet Our Founders: Ryan Perlowin

Floor Health

Floor Health- MICRO Fall 2021

Published April 14, 2022

Today, we introduce Ryan Perlowin, founder of Floor Health in Chapel Hill, NC. Floor Health is a digital health company for women with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Q: Ryan, what problem are you trying to solve and what influenced you to start your company?

A: 40 million American women are currently living with some form of a pelvic floor disorder. Clinical solutions exist, but access to this care is extremely limited. At Floor Health we don’t think that this is acceptable. Healthcare is broken, and pelvic floor care is at the bottom of that broken totem pole. We’re here to fix that.

Q: What are you most excited about right now? What keeps you up at night?

A: I’m motivated by impact and opportunity. We’re trying to solve a really pervasive problem in a complex space. But if we win, we can have meaningful impact. We can help millions of women, we can help their families, we can provide material economic upside to payors, and we can build an exciting business.

Q: What other passions do you have besides your business?

A: I love Carolina basketball and traveling with my family. It’s really important to see the world. It’s also really important to celebrate national championships.

With 24 hours in Chapel Hill, Ryan recommends:

  • Grabbing a biscuit for breakfast at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

  • Walking around UNC’s campus

  • Sitting out on the patio at Topo for lunch

  • Visiting the UNC Basketball Museum

  • Eating at Lantern for dinner

  • And grabbing a cocktail at Crunkleton!

To Support Ryan and Floor Health:

  • Women’s health is under-funded, under-represented, and under-served. This isn’t acceptable. Ryan encourages all those reading this to consider being part of the solution.