NC IDEA Newsletter – February 22, 2018

Road Trip!

There are a bunch of great road trip movies – this one won’t make you laugh as much as National Lampoon’s Vacation or Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, but let’s call it John and Lauren Go to Lawndale, NC. Spoiler alert: we are energized by the interesting startups, spaces and programs that are thriving between Durham and Candler, NC, hopefully you will be too. If anything, we can at least point you to some great food and beverage across the state that we enjoyed along the way.


NC IDEA’s mission has always been statewide, but we have not often ventured outside of the Triangle. NC IDEA ECOSYSTEM, a grant program we began over a year ago, is one way we’ve broadened our reach. The other is to actively help startups in other parts of the state become more competitive in our longstanding grant program, NC IDEA SEED. We scheduled presentations in Charlotte and Asheville to coincide with our upcoming NC IDEA SEED application deadline, but ended up scheduling a lot more fun along the way.

Quick programming note . . .

FRIENDLY REMINDER: The grant application for NC IDEA SEED, our program that provides “no strings attached” funding to innovative startups, along with a host of other benefits, is this coming Monday, February 26th at 5pm EST. Learn more and apply here.

Now back to our journey…


BruVue Raises $1 Million in Seed Round and Wins Heineken Innovators Brewhouse Challenge

NC IDEA SEED, NC IDEA LABS and NC IDEA LEAD Alumni BruVue has gained momentum with a seed round and a big win in an IoT competition led by Heineken. BruVue is the only beverage inventory system where sensors can be ordered online, received in the mail, dropped on beer faucets, and set up on a smartphone in minutes. Read more. 

Events for Entrepreneurs 

RIoT 2018 Kickoff- Blockchain Delivers Security and Efficiency to IoT
February 27, 2018 6:00pm
Blockchain is one of the most important technologies emerging today. While cryptocurrency applications have dominated the news cycle, there are numerous IoT applications to consider. RIoT is pleased to hold its 24th event, bringing together global leaders in the Security & Blockchain space to share their expertise. Join the conversation, learn what’s possible and discuss your application ideas with the community. *This event is free and open to the public.* Register here.

LaunchBio’s Larger Than Life Science: The Big Pitch
Thursday, March 1st 4pm

A good pitch is the foundation of an entrepreneur’s journey to success. It’s a big deal! That’s why LaunchBio is partnering with WRAL Techwire and the Durham Bulls to explore the art of the pitch. Attend the event to develop your startup story. Learn why biotech startups choose to build their businesses in North Carolina. Hear life science entrepreneurs deliver their pitches. Register here. 

Capital Connects
Thursday, March 1st 12:30pm

A signature showcase event, running for over 15 years, Capital Connects provides education opportunities for investors and connections to entrepreneurs seeking capital for their company. Firms presenting at this signature event have raised over $9.5 million from local investors.

Entrepreneurs “compete” for a $10,000 Award Package by presenting an 8-minute pitch to regional investors and community leaders. Register here.