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Meet Our Founders: Renee Hoyle

Renee Hoyle

LabRunner – MICRO Spring 2022

Published August 10, 2022

As part of our ‘Meet Our Founders’ series today, we introduce Renee Hoyle, Co-Founder of LabRunner based in Raleigh, NC. LabRunner offers real time GPS tracking and management of irreplaceable specimens using a mobile app and web portal.

Q: What problem are you trying to solve and what influenced you to start your company?

A: We have a passion for patient care and do not want any patients to experience the effects of an irreplaceable lost specimen on their life. We want to prevent this issue and provide a more efficient workflow as well.

Q: What does the road ahead look like for your company?

A: The future appears very bright for GSG. Our patent was recently issued and there has been significant traction with nearly $4M in the sales pipeline. Our goal is to partner with the right distributor to enter in the global marketplace in our three targeted industries.

While visiting Raleigh, Renee recommends:

  • Take a rickshaw historic tour of downtown Raleigh and eat at Bhavana Brewery.

Support Renee and LabRunner by

  • Help us make connections with healthcare systems and laboratories (management, risk management, etc.) who would be interested in negating the risk of specimen loss and making their current process more efficient.