NC IDEA 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


You’ve made your list and you’re checking it twice. Or maybe you’re still trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone.

NC IDEA has compiled its 4th Annual Holiday Gift Guide to help free up some time and make your shopping stress-free … all while supporting North Carolina born and bred products from the entrepreneurs that are part of our NC IDEA family.

We are big fans and believers in these products, and we’re pretty sure your gift recipients will be too!

For the Foodie and Beverage Connoisseur

Devil’s Foot Beverage Company
Organic, low-sugar, non-alcoholic craft beverage alternatives

Innovative, clean label and allergen-free foods with a mission to reduce farm waste and fight hunger

Grill Pinz
Innovative grilling accessory that holds food items together while grilling, instead of a toothpick

Hungry Harvest
Produce delivery on a mission

Thoughtfully crafted tea boxes

Jeddah’s Tea
Tea to the people, for the people

Lamassu Arak
A smooth anise-flavored spirit enjoyed for centuries throughout the Middle East

Infused avocado oil made for high-heat culinary applications without losing flavor or nutritional benefits

No Evil Foods
Meat from nothin’ but plants using ingredients that are sustainable, simple and kind

Tom & Jenny’s
Dentist-crafted, delectable sugar-free caramels

Tracy’s Gourmet
Delicious salad dressing and mouth-watering marinades

Wildweed Gardens
Home food gardening kits are made for beginners, designed for your yard – Save 10% with Code: NCIDEA

Y’all Sauce
Traditional Southern sauces handcrafted in North Carolina


For the Athlete and Exercise Conscious

Core Snatcher
A unique exercise and physical therapy device

Elite HRV
The global leader in heart rate variability

Intelligent, game-changing innovation that every professional athlete and passionate recreationist needs to WIN

For Improved Health & Well Being

Essential oils and aromatherapy to boost your mood

AlonTree Company
Rehabilitation devices and equipment for brain injuries by a stroke survivor

Beard and Lady
Personal care and grooming products for men and women

Blue Ridge Aromatics
Essential oils that are distilled in-house

Conscious Strong
More than a wellness program, a lifestyle created to cultivate balance and joy

Stretching device for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis or calf injuries

Revolutionizing the way the world thinks about personal hygiene

Personalized nutrition products convenient and simple to use

Pollynation Apothecary
Plant-based products created with your health in mind

Synthetic hair that is better for your scalp, and better for the environment

Vital Plan
Supplements and lifestyle advice for creating a healthier, happier you

For Parents of Humans and Fur Babies

Pip and Grow
The next generation baby box

Super-absorbent, wearable, anti-microbial drying wraps for dogs… plus they’re cute

Sweetie Pie Organics
Organic lactation and prenatal support supplements and functional foods

Zaria’s Milk
Homemade lactation treats, cookies and goods

For the Interior Designer


Beautiful blooms from maintenance-free plants

MicMag by Me
High quality, customizable upholstered furniture

Nugget Comfort
The best kids furniture imaginable

A lighting company designed to deliver the full potential of LED lighting

Custom fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap from indie artists around the world

For the Techie

Revibe Technologies
First ever focus watch to help you stay on task

Undercover Colors
The most effective test for detecting spiked beverages

For the Fashion Forward


Clothing woven by artisans made to measure

FitMom Athletics
Active wear designed to get moms through pregnancy while exercising with the most support and comfort

Adaptive activewear for people with chronic illnesses like cancer – Save with Code: holiday2020

Rite of Passage
Clothing collection built to symbolize the elegance and sophistication in American made textiles

Multi-functional occasion wear for young Indian women that bridges Indian and Western styles

Unbox the Dress
Turn your wedding gown into a collection of stunning, heirloom-quality designs to enjoy and gift to loved ones